Corporate Recruiters, Inc (CRI) offers three options for compensation to Associates.

Direct Deposit and Bank Card options are the preferred methods of payment. Complete the Easy Pay Authorization form provided to you by your CRI Representative or download the PDF form from a link located on the Associate homepage. Your pay will be deposited into the bank account of your choice.

Payroll Options: Benefits of direct deposit
  • More convenience and security than a paper check
  • Your funds will be available for immediate use upon receipt by your bank
  • The option to have your funds deposited into a checking or savings account
  • Free checking or reduced account fees at some banks or financial institutions

It is your responsibility to contact your bank to verify funds were deposited to your account prior to using the funds. CRI will not be responsible for overdrafts on your account.

Benefits of Bank Pay Card
  • Flexibility – The Bank Pay Card gives you greater access to your cash and more purchasing power – online or in person.
  • Convenience – Payroll funds are automatically deposited onto your card every payday.
Paper Check
  • CRI payroll services will printout a paper check and mail it to the address provided on your W4 Form. Delivery is provided by the US Postal Service and may take up to five business days if mailed out of the State of Michigan.
Additional Payroll Information:

Pay stub option
Associates that choose either Direct Deposit or the Bank Card option will be provided a pay stub in electronic format. Associates may login to their personal CRI website account and view and/or print the PDF stub from our servers on each payroll Tuesday by 1pm. This option is only available to Associates who are enrolled in the Direct Deposit or Pay Card option.

Payroll Schedule
CRI Associates are paid bi-weekly. Payday is every other Tuesday following the week that you worked unless otherwise notified in writing. Direct Deposit funds will be available on Wednesday. Please note: timecard deadline and payment schedules will sometimes vary depending on Holidays.

Contact Information for Payroll Related Questions
Should you have any questions regarding your paycheck please contact:

Corporate Recruiters, Inc.
CRI Payroll Services
Phone: 248.743-0420 ext. 10

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