At Corporate Recruiters, Inc., we are committed to assisting you with securing a position that best matches your skills and experience. In order to continuously assist you with employment opportunities, it is your responsibility to contact us if you change your phone number, e-mail address or home address. Often times our clients’ needs are immediate so having your most up-to-date information is very important.

Every effort is made to get the duration of the assignment from the client and at times the duration may be longer (or shorter) than originally anticipated. If you have a commitment that will prohibit you from completing the entire assignment, we must be made aware of these dates prior to starting the assignment.

Prior to starting an assignment, please make sure you have the following information:
  • The company’s name/location/parking
  • The length of the assignment
  • The job duties
  • The hourly rate
  • Start time (allow for traffic and inclement weather) and know the name of the person to whom you report
  • If you are sick or running late to your assignment, please contact the client and Corporate Recruiters, Inc. as soon as possible.
Remember, you are a representative of Corporate Recruiters, Inc.:
  • Please respect the customer’s policies and procedures including dress code, work environment and established work hours.
  • If you have concerns with respect to your assignment, pay rate, etc. please contact Corporate Recruiters, Inc. and do not discuss these concerns with the customer.
  • Put your best foot forward: If you are working on a temporary basis, the client may be considering you for a permanent position. Do not use inappropriate language or discuss issues that can be offensive to others.
  • Turn your timesheet in at the end of the workweek or at the end of your assignment.
  • Prior to starting an assignment, your CRI representative will inform you of the client’s dress code. Wearing jeans, flip-flops, tank tops and other casual attire is not acceptable.
  • When starting a new position, ask questions and take notes. Not only will this make your assignment a positive experience, but it shows the client that you are serious.
  • Personal phone calls are permitted during your break only. Please set your phone to vibrate or silent. Texting is also not permitted.
  • If you are interested in full-time employment with a particular client, let a CRI representative know and we will pursue opportunities on your behalf. You should not approach or submit a resume directly to the client.
  • Your employment with Corporate Recruiters, Inc. is at-will and may be terminated at any time except for unlawful reasons.
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