Number of Speakers (price per minute of audio) Price
1 Speaker $1.75
2 Speakers $2.00
3 Speakers $2.50
4+ Speakers $3.00
$.50 will be charged for each additional speaker.
Audio Variables (price per minute of audio) Price
Significant background noise and voices difficult to hear $0.50
Pronounced accents $0.50
Verbatim transcription $0.25
Technical, scientific terminology $0.25
Time stamps $0.25
Tracking Individual Speakers $0.50
Turnaround Time (price per minute of audio) Price
Standard Service (1-2- Days) No Additional Charge!
24-hour Service $0.75
Rush (6-8 Hours) $1.25
  • CRI will identify individual speakers as (Male/Female, Moderator/Respondent, Person1/Person2, Male1/Male2 or Female1/Female2 etc.)
  • If you ask us to track individual speakers by name you must identify each speaker on audio prior to dictation.
  • Verbatim includes all ums, ahs and stutters and anything that can be heard on audio.

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